Polecats Are Go! (1981)

This is the 1981 debut album from one of the best neo-rockabilly bands ever. The album played an important part during the Rockabilly Revival in the early 80s and impacted the evolution of Psychobilly as well, because of giving that kind of music more and more popularity all over the world. The stomping “Rockabilly Guy”, the slappin’-swingin’ “Marie Celeste”, the melodic “Running Back” or the fabulous cover of David Bowies “John I’m Only Dancing”. No matter what, this LP is full of kick-ass Rockabilly songs. (written by BM)

Cult Heroes (1981)

This is a very interesting and exciting collection of some of the very earliest Polecats recordings. The 12´´ vinyl includes a trio of demo recordings (dated back to 1979) and two tracks that were recorded under the banner of Scotty Robbins & The Psychobillies which eventually made it on the Hep Cat Hop compilation album. The title of the album Cult Heroes is a reference to an earlier name that THE POLECATS were known by. The wild rocking affair, is not also the initial long-playing record on Nervous Record but also had big influence on the first wave of slap bass- driven Psychobilly bands. Highlights: Rockabilly Guy, Red Hot Rock, Rockin´ All Nite, Marie Celeste and Big Green Car.