Adios Pantalones


Adios Pantalones are 3 young psychobillies from Belgium. These 3 chaps are Gerrit, Nico and Zeger. They got interested in old-school psychobilly at a really young age and a band was the result of that. They got active somewhere around christmas 2007 and have been playing gigs all over the country and abroad ever since. Playing these shows just for the booze and fun they had a good time on every show since the very beginning. They released a 6-track demo in July 2009, wich is sold-out! Already played with bands like: Sunny Domestosz, Astro Zombies, The Meteors, Spellbound, Nigel Lewis and Demented Are Go just to name a few. Adios Pantalones is your man to get a party started! Giving the crowd a good time and for so far with succes! In 2013 Zeger left the band, he was replaced by Gilles Deschamps. Listening to the sounds of Adios Pantalones you’ve got a good excuse to take your pants of! So when this band is playing near your place you better leave your brains at home. Ready?..Set,..Party! ..