Demented ScumCats


Demented Scumcat - Psychobilly Stomp 2015


Demented Scumcats started in the ninties after Spark Demented got arrested in a shopping mail for pinching a underage girls ass in the shopping mail new jersey. While awaiting trial in n.j. usa he found out his band were trying to find a replacement singer so when on bail after a couple of months in new jersey jail. So Spark phoned at the drummer at the time told them to go to hell find there own band, so they called them selves the exitwounds. Spark put D.A.G on hold and while waiting trial got the Scumcats together with some good feinds from a new jersey tattoo shop how had a gg alan cover band with Dino original drummer with gg allan,his guitarist in forgotten name of band singer double bass player from scum rats. But when spark got deported a few weeks it was over and he got the band together with stan from DAG and so the story continued.

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