The Swampy’s

Psycho Swamp (1987)

This is the 12´´ debut vinyl from the Belgian Psychobilly trio. It includes four tracks and was released on their own Psycho Psycho Records in 1987. All songs are wild stompers, typical mid-80s Psychobilly with a predominant, fat slap bass sound, generated by front man and lead singer Jo Psycho. The cover version of Tainted Love was eventually re-recorded for the forthcoming debut LP the following year . Tracklist: Domino–Psycho Swamp // Tainted Love–The Coffin Maker.

Come Back To The Swamp(1988)

Picking up where they left off with their four-track debut Psycho Swamp THE SWAMPY’S created this twelve-track 12´´ piece of vinyl for the Dutch KIX4U label in 1988. Taking their own contribution of no-nonsense, slap bass-driven Psychobilly to an extreme, the Belgobillies gained momentum during the waning 1980’s and the increasing interest in super fast Psycho sounds. With none of their vinyl offerings available on CD format, both EP and LP have become iconic and collector’s items. Highlights: Pretty In Pink, Tainted Love, Rockhouse and Tear It Up.